Sustainable Governance

Research at MIASA is guided by the question of how the practice of historically grounded social sciences and humanities in Africa can address sustainable governance as a theoretical and conceptual challenge likely to yield new answers to problems of conflict, democracy and environment. The landmark decision within the UN system to pursue global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has put the concept of sustainability firmly on the agenda. While most African governments have rhetorically taken on board the new goal system, such policy-driven agendas, however, often appear imposed from Northern-dominated organizations and are frequently met with scepticism. As yet, there has scarcely been a broader debate on a viable process of sustainability transformation and its deeper meanings. MIASA aims at debating critically some of the conceptual “black

Susann Baller

Susann Baller (German Historical Institute Paris, GHIP) is Director 'Germany' at the Merian Institute for Advanced Studies in Africa (MIASA) in Accra. Until December 2020, she was academic director of the transnational research group "The Bureaucratisation of African Societies" (GHIP-CREPOS) in Dakar. Before, she was a lecturer and research fellow in Berlin, Basel, Paris and Ann Arbor. Susann Baller holds a PhD in African history and is specialised in the history of African cities, youth, sports, decolonization and the representation of power in West Africa.

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